The ENGEMAVI has its main objective to act in order to pass on to customers, employees and partners, make sure that the company is a reliable and dynamic organization, catching up technologically to always improve their service delivery.

The ENGEMAVI focuses on efforts to continually improve the effectiveness of the technological control system of concrete, soil and asphalt, systematically seeking customer satisfaction, aiming to meet the expectations of cost, time and quality required.

The ENGEMAVI has qualified professionals in Concrete Technology Control, Soil and paving with asphalt control. Our focus is to ensure quality control in engineering construction supervision and inspection at every stage of the project


Our technicians are qualified by concrete core qualification and certification of personnel of the Brazilian Concrete Institute (NQCP / IBRACON).

IBRACON, through its Core Qualification and Certification of Personnel (NQCP) is Organism People accredited by Inmetro (OPC - 010).

In its current phase, the NQCP is sure Professional Concrete Quality Control: assistants, laboratory technicians, technologists and inspectors of contractors, builders, gerenciadoras and technological control laboratories.

It certifies that the professional has the knowledge of specifications and test procedures cited in NBR 15146: 2011 - Parts 1, 2 and 3, being able to perform activities in technological control of concrete.

The Regional Engineering and Agronomy of the Rio Grande do Sul State Council - CREA-RS is an autonomous government agency monitoring the exercise and professional activities have legal personality under public law, representing federal public service, linked to the Federal Council of Engineering and Agronomy - Confea.

There are 44 provinces working in the state. Overseeing professional practice, CREA-RS offers, above all, protection: both to ensure the labor market for one who is legally qualified as to assure the citizens that the services hired by him, have a technician responsible. It is in this space that serves the supervision of the institution, requiring professionals Technical Responsibility Note (ART), a document that forms the body of each professional and ensures the company assured that that which runs the service is legal.


- Ensure the company that only technically qualified professionals are responsible for services and / or works;

- Register professionals and companies in the technology area;

- Supervise professional practice in community advocacy.


- Authorize the performance of the company or professional, through its registration;

- Maintain Technical Collection of professional, with records of all his works / services;

- Require the society that only technically qualified professionals are responsible for works / services in the technological area;

- Register ART - Technical Responsibility Note - document specifying the responsibilities of the professional and the services / works performed.

MISSAO Serve with excellence, boldness and competence the demands of our customers, being a reference in the market of Civil Engineering and Technological Control, always contributing to the improvement of quality, generating wealth in a sustainable way.
VISAO Be the reference company, recognized as the best option for customers, employees, suppliers and investors , the quality of our service and relationship.
VALORES Integrity, commitment , human enhancement , overcoming results , continuous improvement, innovation and sustainability.


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